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1. Zajděte do Giranu za postavou Grand Master Hannavalt. Poví vám aby jste našli v každém království rytíře a splnili jeho požadavky. Prvním je Sir Aaron Tanford. Najdete ho před domem jihovýchodně od Wasteland.

"Grand Master Hannavalt:
Do you hold higher ambitions than being a mere Knight? You must examine your motivation for fighting. It may be to protect loved ones, for the glory of the kingdon, for power… But true knights fight for the ‘calling’ that is given them. The Trial of the Calling is the way for you to determine what your calling is."

"Say you will attempt the Trial of the Calling."

"Grand Master Hannavalt:
First you must find Sir Aaron Tanford. He resides in the southern Wastelnds of Gludio. He shall give you your first test."

2. Vydejte se do Wastelandu a promluvte se Sirem Aaron Tanfordem. (viz mapka)

"Sir Aaron Tanford:
Dignity is one of the virtues that define a Knight’s worth. Dignity takes various forms in different people…"

"As we speak there are vicious gangs, who know nothing of dignity, prowling the Wastelands disturbing the residents. These gangs are led by Harrod. He was once a prestigious Knight of Gludio."

"During the war against Grecia, Harrod was tempted to treason by the enemy’s leader. He became an agent of the invaders! Sir Klaus Vasper chased him doggedly and eventually put a spear through his heart. Karol said that ‘A knight who abandons his dignity is as good as dead’. Not wanting to give the traitor the dignity of a funeral, his corpse was left to rot in the Wastelands."

"This made his soul become a cursed devil, and the only way to get rid of him is to free him from the curse with this rusty sword. The undead skulls wandering around the Wastelands are his minions. As you destroy the filthy undead skulls one by one, you will confront the Spirit of Harrod. Kill him with the rusty sword I gave you, and remind him of the noble dignity of a Gludio Knight. If possible, please bring proof of his end."

3. Vezměte si Old Knight’s Sword, nějaké soulshoty a pokud možno i healera a jděte na jižní portovací místo Wastelandu a zabíjejte různé kostlivce (Raiders, Mercenaries..) ve Wastelandu, dokud se neobjeví Spirit of Sir Herod. Zabijte ho, ale ujistěte se, že poslední ránu mu zasadíte mečem, který jste dostali pro splnění úlohy. Šance na objevení Heroda není daná (někdy stačí zabít 1 kostlivce, někdy i 100 a více). Po jeho zabití se vraťte k Tanfordovi.

4. Získáte Knights Tear. Vraťte se za Sirem Aaronem Tanfordem a dejte mu Old Knight’s Sword a Knights Tear.

"Sir Aaron Tanford:
So dignity was lost to the errant knight for eternity? What a dreadful curse! So it is his fate to wander the Wastelands forever…He has no one to blame but himself.

Well done! You have completed the task successfully. Now you must go to the Dark Elven Guild in Dion Castle Town and meet Sir Kiel Knighthawk. He will be waiting for you with your second task. I pray to Einhasad that you finish all your tasks successfully…"

5. Vydejte se do Dionu navštívit rytíře Sir Kiel Nighthawk.

"Sir Kiel Nighthawk:
Nice to meet you, young Warrior. I am Kiel Nighthawk of the Griffon Knight union. I already received a notice from Hannavalt.

One of the virtues that define a Knight’s brightness is a sense of justice. There is a miserable history in this land of Dion because of the lack of justice. Especially the unfair mortification of Sir Talianus is such a case. Sir Talianus wrote in the report about the specific situations at the peasant’s uprising. It was something that he prepared to give to the King, but unfortunately the report was torn into pieces and Sir Talianus was executed. The Soldiers who served him tried to collect the torn pages but even they were all killed.

Even until this day, there are some people who claim that they heard the voices of the Knight and his followers, wailing in agony. Thou who sticks to what he believed was right, but his spirits are still wandering on earth, unable to side with Shilen…I want you to carry out the justice that he couldn’t complete.

Gather the pieces of the report and restore the contents of his articles. As you kill the undead of the Execution Ground one by one, you’ll be able to gather the pieces of the report. Kill the Strains and the Ghouls to collect the torn pieces of the report. When you gather all the pieces and complete Talianus’s Report bring it back to me."

6. Sir Kiel Knighthawk vás vyšle do Execution Grounds zabíjet zombie (Ghoul, Strain), dokud nezískáte 10 útržků hlášení (Torn Report Piece). Po nasbírání všech 10 kusů se spojí do jednoho dokumentu.

7. Vraťte se za Sir Kiel Knighthawk a dejte mu kompletní Report Piece(1). Odmění vás itemem Orpic Mirror.

"Sir Kiel Nighthawk:
The very report that Sir Talianus couldn’t deliver to the King until the end…When you meet his spirit and promise him that you will deliver the report to the King of Aden, he will finally be able to rest in peace. His spirits are now captured in the doomed tree of the Execution Grounds. Take the Mirror of Orpic with you. There is power dwelling in this mirror, which enables you to see the spirits of the dead. Go to the Execution Ground and get rid of the Hanged Man Ripper who is suppressing the spirits of him. Then you shall be able to confront the ghost of Sir Talianus."

8. Nighthawk vás pošle nazpět do Execution Grounds. Vaší úlohou je zabít Hangman Tree. (nazvaný také Hanged Man Rippers). Po zničení stromu sa zjeví duch Spirit of Sir Talianus (=Telianus’s Dead Spirit). Ten vám dá Tears of Confession. Vraťte se zpět za Nighthawkem.

"Spirit of Sir Talianus:
The report that I tried to give to the King…Please deliver it to the King of Aden…
But, listen young Warrior…I have something to confess. The depth of my sin is deeper than the well…Until the day I pay of the debts of my sin, and until justice settles down on this land of Dion, I shall not be able to rest in peace. I do not dare to…"

9. Sir Kiel Nighthawk od vás převezme item a dá vám další úkol.

"Sir Kiel Nighthawk:
Now that I hear your story, it occurs to me that there must be some other reasons why the spirits of Talianus can’t rest in peace…I will have to do some more research on this.

As for you, you should now go to the Hunter’s Village to take the next stage in the trial. There at the Hunter’s Village you must meet Sir Isael Silvershadow."

10. Budete nasměrováni do Hunters Village za Sir Isael Silvershadow.

"Isael Silvershadow:
May the blessings of the starlight shine upon you. Hello, young traveler. Welcome to the Hunters Village.

My name is Isael Silvershadow. I am a Knight of the Order of the Rose, who once fought alongside Grand Master Hannavalt. But now I am retired and live a quiet life here."

"Isael Silvershadow:
May the blessings of the starlight shine upon you. Hello, young warrior. Welcome to the Hunters Village. True to Hannavalt’s words, you seem to have the potential to become a great Knight someday.

Let’s briefly discuss the last virtue of a Knight, loyalty. Loyalty may be towards a lord, towards the teachings of the divine powers, or to a town and its residents whom you’ve sworn to protect… A good example would be the guards that risked their lives to battle the Leto Lizardmen and protect this village. The loyalty they displayed in sacrificing their lives to protect their homes and loved ones is surely honorable indeed.

My task for you is to recover the Milita’s Article from the Leto Lizardmen. The families of the fallen guards wish to hold a memorial for them. Considering their sacrifice, should we not at least do this much for them? In order to hold the memorial, we need 20 pieces of the articles. Well then, good luck on your journey."

11. Sir Isael Silvershadow vás vyšle lovit Leto Lizardmen Soldiers(západně od Hunters village), dokud nenasbíráte 20 kusů vojenské výbavy (Milita’s Articles). Nasbíranou kořist odneste nazpět Silvershadow.

"Isael Silvershadow:
May the blessings of the starlight shine upon you. Hello, young traveler. Welcome to Hunters Village.

My name is Isael Silvershadow. I am a Knight of the Order of the Rose, who once fought alongside Grand Master Hannavalt. But now I am retired and live a quiet life here."

12. Isael Silvershadow vás odmění itemem Tear of Loyalty. Po rozhovoru se Silvershadow se vydejte do Giranu za kňezem Priest Dustin.

"Priest Dustin:
Welcome, noble Knight. May the blessings of Einhasad be with you.

I am troubled by recent violence of the foreign races. We have lost many of our young in fights with them… Just six months ago, a fine, strapping young lad named Leon the Athebaldt was killed in battle with the Breka Orcs."

Vyberte Ask about Leon Athebaldt.

"He was a dashing young knight, sworn to serve Einhasad’s holy will and protect the innocent. He took his vow in this very temple. He was honorable and devout young man, nephew of the famous Sir Collin. He was even considered for canonization by the High Priest! We all had high hopes for him, for what he might achieve for the kingdom and for the Goddess of Light… …but alas, he has been taken from us. Oh well, it was the will of Eisenhad."

Vyberte Ask about Athebaldt’s death.

"Priest Dustin:
Last winter a giant horde of blood-thirsty Breka Orcs swept in from the north and invaded Giran. Those violent thugs looted homes and businesses, and even threatened the castle. They game the Royal Guards quite a challenge.

Leon Athebaldt led his men in an attack on the Breka Orc encampment. With remarkable courage, they killed the Breka Orc Overlords one by one. Thanks to this effort the Breka Orcs were driven back into the north part of Giran.

The final battle to drive them entirely out of Giran was the fiercest yet. The lone survivor of that battle was Leon’s servant. He barely escaped with a shield and weapons inscribed with his master’s crest. According to him, Athebaldt fought valiantly to the death, slaying Orcs to his left and right. Eventually he was no match for the hundreds of Orcs that continued to attack in waves against him. His remains have not been found. I’m sure the Breka Orcs have taken them for some nefarious purpose. It saddens me deeply that he cannot be given a proper burial."

Vyberte Ask about the remains.

"Priest Dustin:
The Orcs have an appalling custom of carrying around the remains of their enemies as a sort of charm or amulet. They say that the more courageous the enemy, the greater the power… It is said that Athebaldt’s remains were cut up into pieces and fashioned into amulets for the Breka Orc Overlords. These creatures are fierce and violent! But I must give Leon a proper burial. Can you retrieve his remains for me?"

Vyberte Please let me take that task.

"Priest Dustin:
Our religious traditions dictate that we can hold a funeral if we have the skull, ribs, and shinbone. Slay the Breka Orc Overlords and bring back Sir Athebaldt’s skull, ribs, and shinbone."

13. Vaší úlohou od Priesta Dustina bude najít 3 části pozůstatků Sira Athebaldta (skull, ribs, shinbone). Ty získáte od orků (Breka Orc Overlord). Najdete je když se vydáte na sever z Giranu (východní cestou) a půjdete na západ údolím na místo kde se cesta stáčí směrem ke Giran Castle. Pak se vraťte zpět za Dustinem.

"Priest Dustin:
Thank you so very much. Now we may finally hold a proper funeral for Leon Athebaldt. I have cremated part of his remains and put them into this urn. Please deliver it to Leon’s uncle, Sir Collin Windawood. He is the Governor of Talking Island.

14. Dustin vám za odměnu předá Saints Ashes Urn. Pošle vás navštívit rytíře Sir Colin Windawood. Najdete ho na Talking Island blízko obelisku. Promluvte si s ním a vraťte se zpět za Dustinem.

"Sir Collin Windawood:
Could these actually be the bones of Leon? I heard of his glorious death during the battle against Orcs…What a loss… Never did I expect that I would see you like this, my beloved nephew! I regret I wasn’t with you at the moment of your death!

Young Warrior, my family is in your debt. I know it wasn’t exactly easy to recover his bones. Thank you so much. Take this letter to Priest Dustin.

Now I shall prepare for my nephew’s funeral."

15. Předejte Dustinovi Letter of Windawood. Priest Dustin vás nasměruje nazpět ke Hannavaltovi do Giranu. Hannavalt vám za splněnou úlohu odevzdá vaši odměnu - Mark of Duty.

"Grand Master Hannavalt:
Greetings. So, you have received your calling? You needn’t tell me what it is. The virtues, actions, and responsibilities that you have seen, heard, and felt are true callings of the Knight. Keep that deeply in your heart.

Accept this Mark of the Calling. May the good will of Einhasad always remain in your heart…"

16. Grand Master Hannavalt will reward you with the Mark of Duty.